Oil Hair Treatment

Trying to keep up with the latest trends and trying to fit in is quite taxing and the media doesn’t quite help lessen it. They actually fuel it further by telling us what is “in” and what’s not. With how the trends are now spread by various mediums, it is quite easy to get lost with trying to be a part of what is new and hot. It doesn’t matter if it is in fashion, technology, or a new diet regimen. Of course, apart from that, there is also a niche saved for what is “hip and happenin’” when it comes to hairstyles.

Let’s face it, with how we want ourselves to have the best look and to be part of the trend, we look up to celebrities.  Those who are more fashionable want to wear what these celebrities are wearing.  They want to support the same hairstyles that they have.  We can blame it to fanaticism but there is always that pressure put on by society on what we “should” look like.

With so many hairstyles we can choose from, and so many salon treatments we are being introduced to, there is quite a chance that our hair ends up being dry, brittle, and dull.  Maybe “chance” isn’t the best word for it.  It’s not really chance but an inevitability, especially if we constantly put our hair into these “treatments” that use a variety of chemicals that ultimately damage our hair in the long-run.  We cannot deny the fact that we are treating our hair like it’s Barbie’s hair–all the coloring, blow drying, rough brushing, and sun exposure just to name a few.  All of that contribute to our hair cuticles being damaged and this, in-turn, gives us split ends and strands that can easily break.

Beauty parlors and salons, when they see how damaged your hair is, will point you to another treatment, and then another treatment, and before you know it, your hair salon bill has bloated and you just end up with a temporary fix that would wear off in a matter of months.

I am not a fan of spending way too much just to conform to what society thinks is beautiful.  I’m not a fan of all these commercial beauty products and treatments that cost a lot.  I’m all for “natural”.  As such, I’m going to share a simple and effective — yet totally cheap — way of bringing back the beauty and luster of a healthy hair without the use of chemicals.  Yep, this treatment really is a treatment and it is all-natural, all with the help of Coconut oil.

Interested?  Well then, read on.

Your hair should be a bit damp for this treatment, so bathe and shampoo your hair as you would normally do.  After that, with a small amount of Virgin Coconut oil – the amount of which is dependent on the length and thickness/volume of your hair — rub your hands together and once your palms and fingers are covered with the Coconut oil, run your fingers through your hair.  Give your scalp a slight massage and make sure you coat every single strand of your hair with Coconut oil, you would not want a couple of those strands to feel left out, would you?

I know.  It will take a while.  But, once you are done, wear a shower cap and leave it on for about an hour or so.  Make use of that time for some reading or go watch a movie you have lying around the house.  Once an hour has passed, rinse your hair.

It will take time for you to see the results as all treatments do.  How long?  That depends on how damaged your hair is.  For slightly damaged hair, one treatment alone can do the trick.  For hair that is a lot more damaged with too much hair-coloring, blow drying, ironing, and chemical treatments, you will have to repeat once a week for three to four weeks, or more.  Of course, there is no harm in making this a part of your lifestyle and really doing this every week.  You will see that you don’t need to pay $20 for hair conditioners at all.

Coconut oil is one of the most nutritious products you can put on your hair.  What Coconut oil can do for your skin, it can also do for your hair.  It softens and conditions the scalp and can even rid a person of dandruff better than medicated shampoos.

We all know that hair care is a billion-dollar-a-year industry… but it doesn’t have to be.  Nature has already provided us with the best hair care product available in the form of Coconut oil.  Using Coconut oil for your hair is the best thing you can do for your hair and, like I’ve said, it costs less too.  So skip all the unnecessary chemicals.  Use Coconut oil instead!

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