Eliminate Acne

Using Coconut Oil for Acne

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that true beauty does not only go skin-deep.  That is true, and I agree with those sentiments.  It does not mean, however, that one would not be perturbed should a giant zit suddenly appears on one’s face.  It doesn’t matter if it’s small and hardly noticeable or if it’s a zit the size of Texas (metaphorically speaking, of course), we do everything we can to hide it from plain sight, using various concealers and beauty products.  We also try various methods of preventing zits and acne from erupting on any part of our body, most of us are even willing to go that extra mile in order to ensure that we are zit and acne-free.

There are a multitude of commercialized products out there that claim to be able to keep our faces acne and blemish free.  Of course, these products boast about being the “complete package” with this extract and that extract, and how these products whiten the face and keep you younger looking and beautiful and whatnot.  These products, of course, are expensive and you would have to buy another product to go along with it, and another one to go along with that…which makes me completely discredit their claims that the face cream in question is the “all-in-one” product they say it is. It just looks like they are milking the customers out of their money.  Of course, that’s business.

Now, if you’re pretty tight on your budget and you want to have that beautiful, fair, and acne-free skin that you swear can only be seen in movies and achieved through various money-draining cosmetics, there is a cheaper and more natural way to do it.  And that is through the use of Coconut oil.

Virgin Coconut oil, as I have come to discover, is a truly amazing oil that is fantastic for your skin and for treating acne.  You can opt to take it orally or apply it directly to your skin, and you will have the same results and come to the same conclusion as I have.  If you do a research on it, you will arrive at the same conclusion that many had done, that all the stuff you put on your face were so unnecessary and that the media just makes us all believe that it is essential for us to use these products, otherwise we’ll age really quickly or we’ll look terrible.

Now, if you’re sick of putting all those chemicals on your face (because, seriously, that is what you’re putting on whenever you put makeup or
whenever you wash your face with this cream or that facial cream) and you want to take everything back to the basics, then extra virgin coconut oil and its oil cleansing method is for you.  It’s completely natural and will make your skin a whole lot healthier and softer.  The oil cleansing method is fairly simple and it cleanses, exfoliates, and moisturizes your skin. It is great for acne-prone skin, because the oil penetrates deep into the pores, making the clogged sebum slippery so the plugs can slide out while you’re massaging your skin.

Using Coconut oil is much better than using olive oil.  Not only does Coconut oil have a very sweet smell, but it also starts drawing some of the toxins out in just a couple of days.  A sore pimple, upon using Coconut oil and the oil cleansing method, can only take a day to disappear!

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