Coconut Oil For Hair

Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

In the last decade, several companies have seen the benefit of using coconut oil for hair. As a matter fact, a lot of people think that you can use coconut oil for hair growth.  Coconut oil can help your hair to grow longer, and be thicker. The way that it helps to thicken your hair is by adding volume to it and adding moisture. The way that it helps your hair to grow longer is because it keeps your hair from drying out. When your hair doesn’t dry out, you have fewer split ends. This means that your hair can grow out to its natural length. So using coconut oil for hair does enable your hair to grow longer.

Coconut Oil Helps To Moisturize Your Hair

One of the primary reasons why people use coconut oil for their hair is so that they can moisturize it. By massaging coconut oil into your scalp and into your hair, it can help your hair to stay moist. This means that you’re going to have fewer split ends. Not only that, but your hair will be able to not dry out. It will look silky and smooth if you take the time to use coconut oil on a regular basis.

Coconut Oil Can Be Mixed with Other Oils like Frankincense

Coconut oil can be mixed with other oils like frankincense and Jasmine.  When you do this, you get a great coconut oil hair treatment.  When you mix these with coconut oil, the coconut oil acts as a carrier oil. It allows you to be able to dilute the other two oils and still apply them to your hair and your scalp. Massaging these oils into your scalp helps to keep you from losing your hair. It helps to keep the pores that grow hair open so that your hair can be smooth and silky. By adding Frankincense and Jasmine to your coconut oil, you will not only give your hair a very nice smell, but you are also helping your hair to heal and to grow a lot more healthy.

Coconut Oil As a Gel

Coconut oil can be used as a gel for your hair. Coconut oil becomes solid once the temperature drops below 75°. If you live in a climate where the average daily temperature is colder than 75°, you can use coconut oil as a gel. The way that you do this is you massage it into your hair and then you style it anyway that you want it to look. The coconut oil becomes hard once it reaches room temperature. This is a great way for you to have gel that is not only used for styling, but also good for your hair. Using coconut oil also helps to add volume to your hair.

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