Coconut Oil Pulling

So, how does oil pulling work?  Who can practice oil pulling?

Apparently, it really does involve only a very simple process that you can probably (and this is advised) do it early in the morning.  Add it in your morning rituals, if you can, though you can do it at any time of the day. You also have to remember, when doing this, that you need to do it on an empty stomach, as you can have problems especially when using Coconut oil with the acids in your stomach. Fifteen to twenty minutes after or before food intake is advised.

As for the second question, everybody above the age of five can practice oil pulling.  For children of five years and above, use only a teaspoon of oil.

With that said, you just need one tablespoon of the oil of your choice, and hold it in your mouth without swallowing.  Move the oil solution around your mouth by swishing it within your cheeks and sucking it through your teeth. Try to keep your chin up so that the oil touches all portions of the oral cavity. It is recommended that you continue “pulling” for fifteen to twenty minutes, which can seem tedious, so you can keep yourself busy with routine tasks so that you don’t end up spitting out the solution too soon.

Here’s an important tidbit when oil pulling: do not make the mistake of swallowing the mixture after pulling since it will have become toxic, which is evident by its milky color and runny consistency.  You can perform a “test spit” in the sink to check the status of the solution.  If the color is still the same as your first intake, you’re not finished pulling.  So keep busying yourself until then.

Once it has that runny consistency, spit the mixture into the toilet or sink. Treat it as a toxic waste.  Rinse your oral cavity thoroughly with water and use clean fingers to remove any residual oil.  There is actually no need to brush your teeth before eating and continuing your day.

Though it is tedious, coconut oil pulling has many things to offer.  Not only can it detoxify, it can also whiten teeth and remove stains, eliminate bleeding gums and fasten loose teeth. It heals tooth pain totally.  It reduces and even eliminates sensitivity of teeth.  Oil pulling therapy also cures headaches, migraines, sneezing, cold, and some pains in a few days. Studies even show that a hangover can be relieved within two or three hours, though the time it takes is different for each person.

So, with the variety of oils that you can use for this form of therapy, you have to wonder what is the best one to use. The answer to that is coconut oil, particularly extra virgin coconut oil.  Why?  Because virgin coconut oil is more effective and has positive results that, simply put, exceeds oral health.

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