How to Heal Small Cavities Quickly

how to heal small cavitiesIf you have a small cavity, you can heal it very quickly without going to the dentist. In my opinion, it isn’t worth the money to treat a small cavity. When a dentist heals a small cavity, they have to drill your teeth and this does permanent damage to your enamel.

All too often, the permanent damage done by the dentist gets worse over time. I had a very small cavity in between my teeth drilled out by a dentist. Now, the filling is gone, but the hole is still there. It is kind of annoying to have to go back and get your cavities refilled every five or six years. It is a much better option to learn how to heal small cavities so you can avoid regular trips to the dentist.

Procedure for Healing Small Cavities

I have read of people using colloidal silver, mouth rinses, or intense brushing to try and get rid of small cavities. In my opinion, the best way to do this is to use a Miswak stick. These can often be purchased for less than a dollar. If you chew on two or three sticks for a week, you can kill all of the bacteria inside of the cavity. Once all the bacteria are gone, small cavities can start to heal themselves.

healing small cavitiesWhen I started using Miswak, I had three or four cavities in my mouth that I couldn’t get rid of. Every time I ate sugar, my cavities would start to hurt, and my teeth would feel weak and vulnerable. After three weeks of chewing on a Miswak, I was able to get rid of three of my cavities. This is a pretty amazing achievement, but actually works. If you chew on the stick, it releases juices that kill bacteria and remineralize your teeth. It is like an all-in-one dental treatment that fights cavities and promotes healthy teeth. Learn more about Miswak by visiting the site

After Your Cavities Are Gone

After your cavities are gone, you want to continue using Miswak for 10 to 15 minutes per day. It works great, because it allows your teeth to remineralize so that they can remain strong and have good blood flowing through them. It also helps to bathe your mouth in saliva so that your teeth can remineralize themselves.

how to prevent cavitiesAnother thing that I have found extremely helpful to heal small cavities and prevent them is chewing Xylitol Gum. Xylitol Gum helps to get rid of the bad plaque that often are found inside of cavities. Most dental experts who advocate the use of Xylitol Gum recommend that you chew it three or four times a day. It is a great way to get rid of acids in your mouth that develope right after eating sugar.

If you follow both of these techniques, you should be able to get rid of small cavities quickly. If you spot them early enough, you can sometimes get rid of them in less than a week.

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