Using Coconut Oil for Oil Pulling

coconut oil pullingNow this may sound like an old wives tale, but did you know that having proper dental hygiene can actually help you to have better health. They say that the window to the soul is your eye, but the window to your body is your digestion will track. Everything that is taken into your body is absorbed through your digestive tract. Your digestive tract starts in your mouth. When you have unhealthy teeth, or gum disease, it can get directly into your bloodstream from your mouth. People who have had cavities filled, don’t typically get rid of the bacteria that cause a cavity. Often these bacteria continue to live in their mouth, only they live in that that part of their two. If you pull on a regular basis with oil, the bacteria and germs that are in your mouth will attach themselves to the oil so that when you spit out the oil you also spiit out the germs and bacteria that are in your mouth.

I have tried oral pulling with coconut oil and gas what it actually works. Oil pulling is actually what first turned me on to coconut oil so I am grateful for it. I know that pulling oil is hard for the first couple days, but it really does help to strengthen your gums and give you better breath. In addition, oil point can also be used to help cure gum disease. You can pull with any kind of oil that has a lot of fad. You can even use whole milk, but the best way to do it is with coconut oil because coconut oil simply has the most saturated fat. In addition, cooking oils also antibacterial so you get the double effect of having it antibiotic your mouth as well as having a lot of back. After you emulsified oil in your mouth for about 20 min., it will look a lot different when you spit it out. Don’t worry, that is just getting rid of all the bad stuff that is in your mouth so that you can be more healthy.

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