What Are Some Great Reasons to Buy Virgin Coconut oil?

coconut oilVirgin coconut oil can provide your body with many helpful benefits. Half of the saturated fat found in coconut oil comes from lauric acid. Lauric acid is a very beneficial acid found in breast milk. Saturated fats are used to make the membranes in between yourselves and are essential for you if you want to have a healthy body. The type of oil found in coconut oil and in breast milk is especially good for the development of cell membranes.

Sometimes when coconut oil is extracted, it can be extracted chemically or it can be extracted by using high temperatures. A lot of people who use these methods because they get a 10% higher yield of coconut oil when they do. However, using these methods can damage the fatty chains that are present in the coconut oil or mutate them. The result is that they will not be as good or as helpful for your body. If you want the coconut oil is the healthiest, you should stick to virgin coconut oil. Even though the FDA denounces coconut oil because they say it is so high in saturated fat that it has to be God for you, there are many benefits that can be derived from it. Because it satiates your appetite so well, they can be used for weight loss. Coconut oil is very good and improving your digestion, and brain development. It is no wonder why a large asset can be found in breast milk and in extra virgin coconut oil.

In addition, extra virgin coconut oil is also good for your skin and your hair. Cooking oil helps make your hair smooth and shiny. It can also be used to help soften your skin or to cure dry skin. You can even put coconut oil on your lips, if you have dry lips, and you can use coconut oil to cure yeast infection, Jock itch at athletes foot, because of the anti-fungal properties of coconut oil.

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